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Theo Rigby

The Knowledge Hub & The LeadersTrust

Mar 1, 2023 | Uncategorized

The LeadersTrust is pleased to introduce its partnership with the Knowledge Hub, an initiative of Leadership Fellows New York. The Knowledge Hub team curates articles, videos, podcasts, and toolkits to keep nonprofit leaders inspired and educated, and organizes those materials in a searchable database. People can sign up directly with the Knowledge Hub to secure a weekly newsletter which highlights the latest materials added to its searchable database.

The LeadersTrust sought this partnership to facilitate ease of access by leaders and their teams to well produced, thoughtful discussions of leadership and social justice sector issues. We are appreciative as well of the guiding principles employed by the Knowledge Hub team in its selection of materials to site – these include that:

  1. The resources on the Knowledge Hub should empower nonprofit practitioners in alignment with the values of Leadership Fellows New York.
  2. The resources should be varied, coming from a range of sources and mediums, covering all our content categories.
  3. Resources should be readily accessible. Content blocked by a paywall (i.e., subscription-based or requiring purchasing the content to access) is not preferred unless free access is approved by the publisher.
  4. Resources should promote the core values of lifelong learning, equity, and equality.
  5. Resources should promote solutions over describing problems.
  6. Whenever possible, resources should uplift the voices of nonprofit practitioners, especially those who are not in the public eye.


We encourage you to explore the Knowledge Hub site!