Are you excited to reimagine how we invest in and cultivate leadership as an essential ingredient for change? Join us at the LeadersTrust.

Working at the LeadersTrust you’ll be part of a dynamic and diverse team where we pride ourselves on being flexible, responsive, and positive as we champion people and movements for social change.

With an in-person coworking office in Oakland or remote options available, roles with the LeadersTrust are an opportunity to be part of building a social change eco-system that is rooted in trust, where resources are invested more equitably, power is shared, and agents of change have the capacity, connections, and investment they need to reach their goals and thrive. Check out our openings below.

Flexible Leadership Awards Project Director

About the LeadersTrust 

The LeadersTrust delivers long-term, high touch support that helps change makers  lead boldly and dream big. We collaborate with foundations, organizations, and  skilled consultants to invest in the inherent power of leaders to create a world that is  loving, sustainable and just.  

The LeadersTrust builds on a fifteen-year history as a core strategy of the Haas, Jr.  Fund to invest deeply in the leadership and organizational capacity of nonprofit  partners. Now an independent entity housed at the Tides Center, the LeadersTrust  partners with the Haas Jr. Fund, Packard, Grove, Heising-Simons, Irvine and Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity (CGRE) foundations. Our network  includes more than 200 capacity strengthening consultants and 150 social change  and movement organizations who collectively work to advance immigrant rights,  environmental justice, worker justice, reproductive and gender justice, services to  children and families, and LGBTQ rights. 

We are animated by a vision of a more equitable world for all people and the planet.  We believe that centering racial equity is the surest path for transformative social  change and we work in service of healing and liberation for communities of color and  dismantling systems that are oppressive and unjust. Not just part of our name, trust is  essential to how we operate. The LeadersTrust supports and honors the wisdom of  our partners to guide the work, define what they need, and determine the right path  forward. 

Flexible Leadership Awards 

The LeadersTrust’s Flexible Leadership Awards (FLA), our time-tested core model,  provides long-term, tailored support to grantee partners of our collaborating  foundations to bolster their leadership and implement solutions to mission-critical  strategic challenges and opportunities.  

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning or leadership. We customize our  programs with our funding partners to align capacity strengthening efforts in service  of the change they wish to create in the world and meet leaders where they are to help them articulate and achieve their dreams. The FLA program has three main  components: 1) an assessment and priority setting process that leads to an  organizational and leadership development plan; 2) grant awards to implement the  plan; and 3) accompaniment throughout the whole program by a highly skilled  organizational effectiveness consultant.  

Since 2005, the LeadersTrust has supported more than 150 organizations and their  leaders with over $35 million in flexible investments for program support, board  development, leadership coaching, strategic planning, transition planning, financial  resilience, equity initiatives, and more. A 2013 external evaluation showed that FLA  grantee partners were strikingly successful on both leadership and organizational  growth fronts in meeting or surpassing their strategic organizational as well as  leadership development goals. 

Job Description Summary 

The LeadersTrust is looking for a Flexible Leadership Awards (FLA) Project  Director. The FLA Project Director will deliver the FLA program to grantee partners  of partnering foundations. A primary responsibility of the Project Director is to deliver  the FLA to twenty Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and/or  Transgender/Gender Nonconforming-led grantee partners of the Collaborative for  Gender + Reproductive Equity (CGRE) enabling them to access leadership and  organizational strengthening resources needed to advance their missions. CGRE  supports reproductive and gender equity in four states (Georgia, Michigan, New  Mexico, and Texas) and nationally. 

The Project Director role involves a mix of ongoing program design and  implementation, oversight for organizational transformation work, partnering and  supporting a vibrant team of capacity and leadership coaches, providing guidance to  consultants and grantee partners when needed, and capturing learning.  

The Flexible Leadership Awards Project Director will join an existing LeadersTrust  team of an Executive Director, three Program Directors, a Program and Finance  Manager, and a Program Associate. These individuals together currently deliver  leadership and organizational development resources, including regrants, awards and learning opportunities, to the grantee partners of the Haas Jr. Fund and the Packard, Grove, Heising-Simons and Irvine Foundations.  

The Flexible Leadership Awards Project Director is an at-will, exempt, and remote position. The salary is $135,000 per year with a very competitive benefits package (medical, dental, 403b, vacation).

Interested applicants should send a cover note and resume to: with the subject header “[Your Full Name] FLA Project  Director Application”. Applications will be accepted and reviewed through  October 31, 2021. 

CGRE’s Critical Work 

Amid persistent gender-based inequities and relentless, well-funded attacks on  sexual and reproductive rights, CGRE connects organizations in Georgia, Michigan,  New Mexico, Texas, and nationally with vital resources.  

CGRE envisions a world where gender and reproductive equity spans a full range of  identities and experiences – a world where women, especially low-income women;  Black, Indigenous and other women of color; and trans and gender non-conforming  people, have the knowledge, resources, and power to shape their own lives. By  working together and pooling resources, they can take risks and embrace innovation  in the pursuit of progress. 

The Role of the Flexible Leadership Awards Project Director 

Responsibilities of the FLA Project Director will include, but are not limited to: 

  • Day-to-day managing of the FLA program for CGRE’s grantee partners. The  Project Director will ensure quality of work products, satisfaction with the  program, and high levels of customer service to the grantee partners. 
  • Supporting strong partnerships with the teams of Capacity Coaches who  will accompany the Executive Directors and their teams over the three years of  the project with CGRE. This includes collaborating with each of the state  Capacity Coach teams to make connections throughout the program as well as  to help plan and implement any cohort aspects of the work.  
  • Overseeing, mentoring, and cultivating the Capacity Coach teams to  ensure that they effectively carry out the following:  
    • Build positive relationships and rapport with the 20 Executive Directors  and their teams; 
    • Project manage and coordinate all aspects of the FLA program with the  grantee partners over the three years;  
    • Help the staff leaders and board members of the 20 grantee partners  assess their priorities for leadership and organizational development in  the context of their current goals and challenges;
    • Synthesize, make sense of the assessment findings and results, and help  build alignment with stakeholders; 
    • Co-create, with grantee partners, an Organizational Development and  Leadership Plan (OD Plan) to address those priorities, including timing,  budget, and sequencing of leadership development activities; 
    • Connect the grantee partners with relevant consultants, coaches, trainings, and resources, including clarifying the goals and scopes of the  work of the consultants and coaches;  
    • Support the grantee partners in any additional requirements needed to  receive resources to fund the scopes of work and reach their goals;  o Partner with the grantee partners over the life of the project by checking  in regularly with the OD staff team and key consultants to help ensure  that the work is on track, to troubleshoot any challenges that emerge; to  assist the organization in making any necessary mid-course adaptations,  to help bring JOY and expansive thinking to the process, and to provide  guidance and back up support; and 
    • Track learning and report on progress. 
  • Coordinating and onboarding of new grantee partners of CGRE or other  foundations coming later into the program.  
  • Contributing to, with the Program Directors & Executive Director,  ongoing relationships with the CGRE staff and ensuring that the  LeadersTrust FLA program meets CGRE’s aims and requirements and delivers  intended outcomes. This includes engaging purposely, positively and regularly  with the CGRE staff team, to support goals of mutual accountability,  transparency and sustainability.  
  • In partnership with the LeadersTrust operations team, coordinating the  ongoing tracking of and reporting about the 20 CGRE grantee partners (and  others if new foundations join the program). Teaming with staff on financial  oversight, financial reporting, operational processes, as well as data collection  and analysis. 
  • Surfacing and sharing learning from all levels and aspects of the work to bring  new ideas and continuous improvement to the program and its future. 

The FLA Project Director will also work collaboratively with the Program Directors and  the full LeadersTrust team to support the broader activities of the LeadersTrust. 

This position reports directly to Chana Fitton, Program Director at the LeadersTrust.

Requirements of the Role: 

The ultimate objective of the LeadersTrust programs is to help drive positive societal  change. Qualified candidates will have deep knowledge and experience providing  organizational and leadership development consulting support to Black, Indigenous &  People of Color in a range of social change organizations. 

Candidates will combine a passion for social justice with a collaborative, results oriented approach in managing high-performing, equity-centered professionals.  Candidates will come with an entrepreneurial spirit and excitement about joining a  growing organization. In carrying out the work they will demonstrate great empathy  for and connection to the work, and exercise good judgment which is informed by  experience in the sector.  


  • 7+ years of experience as an internal or external consultant to nonprofit  organizations, helping clients strengthen organizational impact through  leadership development and capacity building — a combination of experience  in nonprofit senior leadership and consulting especially welcomed;  
  • Experience with, and energy for, holding complexity, managing layered  projects, and collaboratively planning and designing programs;  
  • Ability to hold multiple relationships with care; 
  • Facility with communications, both written and verbal with a variety of partners;
    • Experience that demonstrates ability to partner with, manage, and support a  team of seasoned and experienced consultants who deliver the services;
    • Broad knowledge of best practices and emerging trends in the field of  organizational development with an emphasis on leadership, strategy, and  supporting organizations at all levels of the development cycle; and
    • Connections to and/or recent lived experience with, BIPOC and transgender centered and/or led communities. 

Preferred, but not Required

  • Experience with a nonprofit focused on advocacy, field-building, policy change  or community organizing in the gender and reproductive equity and/or  adjacent areas of social change and justice work;  
  • Connections to and/or recent lived experience in one or more of CGRE’s target  states: Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico and/or Texas; 
  • Understanding of the broader “ecosystem” of field building for social change  leadership; and 
  • Familiarity with grant-making processes.

Personal Characteristics 

  • Personal alignment with the values of the LeadersTrust in which attention to  equity, particularly racial equity, is centered; 
  • Energy to join an evolving and growing organization; excitement for building  the Flexible Leadership Awards program and the LeadersTrust as a whole;
  • Personal and/or professional experience resulting in deep understanding of  the nonprofit sector and the social change context of the work;  
  • Comfort and facility in an intermediary role which, among other things, will  require simultaneous attention to the priorities and needs of foundation and  grantee partners; and 
  • The ability to approach this work with joy, and with deep attention to, and  consideration of, all dimensions of intersectional racial equity. 

This remote position will include occasional travel to one or more of the four states to support  project activities, as well as to other parts of the US including California, for staff  retreats and other work. The LeadersTrust will continue to follow CDC and formal  guidance from our fiscal sponsor, the Tides Center, and the wishes of our many  partners, concerning travel and timing of in-person activity.  

Interested applicants should send a cover note and resume to: with the subject header “[Your Full Name] FLA Project Director Application”. Applications will be accepted and reviewed through  October 31, 2021. 

The LeadersTrust is a project of the Tides Center. Tides is an equal opportunity  employer. We strongly encourage applications from women, people of color, and  bilingual and bicultural individuals, as well as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual,  and transgender communities. Applicants shall not be discriminated against because  of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political affiliation,  sexual orientation, gender identity, color, marital status, or medical condition  including acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and AIDS-related conditions.  Also pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we encourage and will  consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.  

Applicants with Disabilities: Reasonable accommodation will be made so that  qualified disabled applicants may participate in the application process. Please  advise in writing of special needs at the time of application.