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Theo Rigby

Podcast: Sidney on Fund the People

Nov 5, 2021 | News

Sidney speaks with Rusty Stahl, Founder, President, and CEO of Fund the People and host of the Fund the People podcast, which amplifies how and why philanthropy should invest in the nonprofit workforce.

In just under 50 minutes, Sidney and Rusty cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Sidney’s journey into and through philanthropy, including his stint as the head of Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia, and his studies in engineering and divinity.
  • The foundations that have come together to form The LeadersTrust.
  • The core components of the Flexible Leadership Awards.
  • The importance of talent-investing layered on top of general operating support.
  • Responding to three common “pushbacks” on talent-investing.  (This portion was especially fun and insightful! It starts at the 28 minute mark.)

Here’s a quote from the episode, “The Gold Standard of Foundation Talent-Investing”:

“This is the absolute opportunity to address something that I knew was a major issue, and that is the plight of social justice and movement leaders, even before the pandemic, even before the so-called racial awakening. You know here’s the thing…these leaders are charged with continuously imagining liberation while being surrounded by relentless historical and newly-formed oppression. Doing it at the same time. They are fighting to end traumas while experiencing it themselves.” – Sidney Hargro

Sidney goes on to discuss how the kind of investment the LeadersTrust offers through the Flexible Leadership Awards is a way of giving permission to leaders to make room for their own–and their organization’s–growth and development, in addition to multi-year general operating support.

For full show notes and to listen to the entire episode, click here. You can also follow this link to find it on your preferred streaming service. And please support the incredible work by the Fund the People team, and subscribe to their podcast wherever you listen to your favorite shows!