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Theo Rigby

The LeadersTrust on the Chronicle of Philanthropy

Sep 8, 2021 | News

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently featured the LeadersTrust and Sidney in a September article on executive leadership, “Haas Fund Spreads Its Work to Coach Nonprofit Leaders to Thrive”. In the piece, Sidney shares how the LeadersTrust is uniquely positioned to provide accompaniment and resources to leaders needing the space and time to envision new strategies for their organizations.

The article also highlights the journey of Cynthia Buiza, Executive Director of California Immigrant Policy Center, and how, with the support she received from us while we were still operating within the Haas Jr. Fund, her organization doubled its size, tripled its budget, and developed the capacity to withstand hard-line policies under the Trump administration that targeted immigrants.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

But leadership development isn’t just for newly minted leaders, Buiza says. That’s because nonprofit leaderstypically are “anchored in crisis.” The mad rush to respond to crises doesn’t provide the luxury of longer-term planning and tending to the stability of their organizations, Buiza says.

The grants were helpful, Buiza says, after Donald Trump came into office and enacted a hard-line set of immigration policies that the center opposed. The new political reality prompted her to focus on building coalitions and communications strategies that would be forceful in lobbying campaigns in Sacramento and local governments statewide.

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